D.A.N. Destroy All Neanderthal: 7

The silhouette of a man holding his arms up in a blue column of energy.

Destroy All Neanderthal
Original Prehistoric Fiction

Written by Zath
Edited by DJ Hadoken 7

Episode 7

“Captain! Our scouts in the east have finally discovered the location of the long lost Neanderthal Erectus. The ones from the east that were mentioned in the fables.” A soldier had come to deliver this message to the traitorous Captain Nid.

Captain Nid was pleased. With the exiled king of the Humans, Kain, gone, he was now the leader of the army, because Kain's successor, Kain Junior, was still too young to lead.

“I see. You know what you must do. Annihilate them! Annihilate them all!” Captain Nid pointed his spear towards the east. 

“Right, sir,” the soldier ran off.

“And you, the thorn under my foot,” cowering under Captain Nid's foot was the last remaining Neanderthal from the area which the Human horde was currently occupying.

Captain Nid sneered, “We are the chosen race, you see. And you are just lead weight we have to carry around. We are the dominant race, and you are just history.”

The cowering Neanderthal coughed, “No...”

“What?” Captain Nid looked down at the Neanderthal in disgust.

The Neanderthal uttered at Captain Nid, “You were the chosen race. But you cursed yourselves. You are the damned race. You’re an infection, and you will damn this planet, and any other planet you set foot upon.”

Captain Nid quickly put an end to the babbling Neanderthal's life.


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