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On this blog we post mostly comedic original content as well as some musings about and parodies of pulp culture across various genres!

RIAfunk was originally founded in the early 2000's as a local "air band" known as RIA.

Because we started as an air band, RIA is simply "air" spelled backwards. There are many other entities out in the world who use this three letter acronym, however, we have no relation to them. So to avoid confusion, we use RIAfunk or riafunk whenever possible, but RIA is used often to refer to ourselves in shorthand.

RIAfunk's content is maintained by DJ Hadoken. Contributors include The Funk MistressDJ Benvenuto the Raccoon, DJ Firestarter, DJ Wang, DJ Fuji, Kewl Kat (A.K.A. Southern Cowboy), BurpingCat, RockRanger, BlindPanzerGuy the Manager and Zath.

Thanks for checking out our wacky creations!

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Many of the posts on this blog include stock images that are sourced with permission from stock image libraries such as Pexev and Pixabay.


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