How to say Spinosaurus

A Spinosaurus opening its mouth surrounded by pink smoke.

DJ Hadoken 7 has this say:

I was thinking about briefly mentioning the Spinosaurus situation again in my next Funk update but after looking at the latest search queries I noticed that lately people are also coming across this website when they search for "how to say spinosaurus".

I decided that this merits its own update and that I'd better answer this urgent question ASAP.


That's how you say "Spinosaurus".

If you're interested in some jokes about Spinosaurus be sure to check out my previous posts below.

On a side note, currently when I search for "Spinosaurus" on Google it shows the basic dinosaur information on the very top of the results and next to its name it has a speaker. If you've ever used an online translator then it's understandable that you would expect that by clicking the speaker that it would say "Spinosaurus" out loud. But it doesn't. Instead it plays some roaring sound.

So I can understand why some people would be confused. They want to know how to say "Spinosaurus" but when they ask Google they get some roaring sound.

Perhaps according to Google the proper way to pronounce "Spinosaurus" is by ROARING?

It's up to you to decide I guess.

There are no Spinosauruses (a.k.a. Spinosauri ...the plural of Spinosaurus) around to ask about it anyway.

Screenshot of Spinosaurus search result with speaker.
Screenshot of "Spinosaurus" search result with speaker. Roar?


I searched for Spinosaurus again today on Google to see if the speaker shows up every time. And it did. But it seems like the location on the screen depends on which browser you're using (I'm using Chrome).

Another thing I noticed is that the search result numbers changed. Changed is putting it lightly. According to Google over 600,000 results related to Spinosaurus disappeared in less than 24 hours.

Screenshot of "Spinosaurus" search results.
Screenshot of "Spinosaurus" search result number from the following day.

I've never paid much attention to the search results number so this might be a regular behavior of Google search. It seems like your search language setting also alters the numbers.

But a 600,000 result difference in less than 24 hours?

MAN (or should I say DINOSAUR) what happened???

Even if most of it was spam 600,000 is a big number and especially for a topic like Spinosaurus.

If it continues at this rate Spinosaurus has less than 20 days before going extinct again, this time from the internet.


Screenshot of "Spinosaurus" search results.
Screenshot of "Spinosaurus" search result showing that even more results have disappeared.

This has got to be some regular functionality of Google search but because of the sheer oddity of it I decided to post a follow-up yet again. And yep. I checked back about 24 hours after my last follow-up and it seems like another 200,000 results have disappeared.

So as of now about 800,000 search results related to Spinosaurus have disappeared from Google search in about 48 hours since I originally made this "how to say spinosaurus" post.

I will continue checking the number and if it gets crazy I may post yet another dedicated Spinosaurus-related update on The Funk.

Oh yeah and has anybody got the number of a good paleontologist?

Might need to keep it handy just in case...


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