D.A.N. Destroy All Neanderthal: 2

A photo of a tall stone building on a hill.

Destroy All Neanderthal
Original Prehistoric Fiction

Written by Zath
Edited by DJ Hadoken 7

Episode 2

“MEDIC! COME HITHER! Sire Kain, don’t worry, you’ll be alright,” the most loyal soldier, Nor, comforted his king.

The medic soon arrived, “Medic here, let me see. Alright, bring a carriage.”

Nor shouted towards the other men, “A CARRIAGE I DEMAND!”

“Nor?” whimpered the wounded king of the Humans, Kain, in a low, weak voice.

“Yes, Sire?”

“Are we going back?”

“Yes, Sire. Back to Stone and Rock City.”

Ten men, four for the carriage and six for protection. They carried Kain towards Stone and Rock City.

Stone and Rock City was made of stone that was made out of the rocks from the ground that the city rests upon. Because of that, Stone and Rock City sits on a crater. The buildings were mostly black with patches of brown.

Kain was sent to the highest place in Stone and Rock City, where he resides. They took him to the medical ward.

“Where is Kain Junior, my son!?” Kain asked with a weak voice.

Nor responded, “I’ll send for him, Sire.” He gestured towards the squire who stood nearby, “Squire, send for the prince.” The squire ran off.

Kain looked at Nor, “What of the Neanderthals of the village of Merc?”

“Soon there will be none left,” Nor's voice quavered as he thought of the ongoing battle.

“Good,” Kain closed his eyes and asked, “And Nor, what of the nanny’s unborn son?”

Nor responded, “I’d say in another month.”

Kain sighed with relief, but then lamented, “Oh! This mark on the palm of my hand is useless! It doesn’t protect me. It just haunts me! I fear that day!”

Nor was concerned by this and lowered his voice, “Sire, may I suggest something?”

“Yes?” Kain opened his eyes again.

Nor leaned towards his king, so that none other than Kain could hear his voice. “Leave this place,” he whispered.

“NO! I mustn’t run away from my fate. I must, I must...” Kain uttered, before suddenly falling limp.

“Sire Kain!” Nor shouted for his king.


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