D.A.N. Destroy All Neanderthal: 8

A hand holding a shining sword up towards the sky.

Destroy All Neanderthal
Original Prehistoric Fiction

Written by Zath
Edited by DJ Hadoken 7

Episode 8

As the exiled king of the Humans, Kain, wandered, he spotted someone in the distance.

He thought to himself, “What is a Neo-Neanderthal doing in these parts?”

It was Nilkik, the long-legged Neo-Neanderthal who had been conscripted by the traitorous Captain Nid to hunt and kill Kain.

Nilkik saw Kain and observed him from a distance for some time. Then, Nilkik started running towards Kain.

Kain readied himself with the gigantic sword that he had obtained in The Fabled Land of Old. Nilkik assumed that Kain's sword was too heavy and would not be effective against Nilkik's running attack.

Now, Kain was afraid and unsure of how immortal he actually was. But then, the mark on his hand started glowing. And the glowing spread from his hand onto the sword and it started to burn brightly. 

Nilkik saw this and became afraid. So he ran off.

And then Kain understood, he understood well.

With the fruit I have an everlasting life,
with the sword I am invincible,
and with both I am—immortal.

So Kain sat down and wondered about the books that he had obtained from the bearded old man in The Fabled Land of Old. He decided he was going to read them. 

So for days he stayed seated and read them. They contained stories of all sorts. All with their own lesson. And he was vexed.

What should I be, good, or wicked?
It’s as if it is righteous to be either.
What is right? What is right?!

What is “right”?

That’s something that has been debated for thousands of years.

To Be Continued


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