Bear vs. Robot! Woo!

A close-up photo of the head of a large bear with brown fur staring intently in front of it.

DJ Wang the "Bear vs. Robot Referee" has this to yodel:

We are having a nice collection of the pictures I requested (Bear vs. Robot! Woo!). They are coming out excellent.

As DJ Benvenuto said earlier, we seen JP3 (Scary Claw Scratch). It was a waste of perfectly good naughty punching time. BurpingCat had to sit next to what we have labeled, “The Lame Seat”. No offense to any lamesters that are sitting around knitting a sweater and watching Christopher Lowell.

“The Lame Seat” is that seat that is used as a buffer for strangers (you don’t want to sit next to those freak jobs, so you leave a chair open).

Well, at the theater, I guess everyone except RIA had friends that day. There were 10’s of 20 “Lame Seats” left open. The movie attendant, who was oddly dressed as someone who swabs the deck of a Carnival Cruise Ship, told people that they should sit closer and move to the left side of the theater and slowly fill in the rows.

Yeah, like anyone would be there if they knew how much that movie reeked of dino turds. They actually kept us waiting outside because they were “cleaning” the theater... right. Some people probably self-induced vomiting to show disgust for a terrible movie. Somebody probably dastardly deeded themselves using some Gummy Worms, delicious and deadly. More food should be like that.

On a lighter note summer school is funky. My teacher Dr. Z is funny. He should probably be a part of The Poss because he is crazy. He harasses everyone and does the unexpected. And he even listens to suggestions.

For instance, yesterday I told Dr. Z, “Dr. Z go punch Dr. L in the face.” He said sure. He left his classroom, *THWAP*, and he came back in.

Also, this other teacher came in to flirt with Dr. Z and then Raggedy Rage was spotted by her. The following exchanged occured:

“Hello, Rage.” “Go away, I don’t like you.” “Since when?” “For a long time.”

He successfully scared her away. He scared her away like JP3 scared itself from the top 10 sellers in the box office...stupid movie... stupid summer movies... Come on Planet of the Apes...


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