Climbing Arc Ep. 1 Script

The title card image for the first episode of RIAfunk’s sci-fi story, "Climbing Arc", that reads "Tutan Ho-Down".

Climbing Arc Script
Episode 1: Tutan Ho-Down
Original Young Adult Science Fiction

Created by DJ Hadoken Exlamparaaghis

copyright © RIAfunk and 2006


(still shot of night, moon, text scrolling)

It is the year X4. The human race is nearly extinct due to the sudden
onslaught of a zombie army. However, just as quickly as the zombies
overran the planet, they disappeared. All that is left now is a desolate
sphere of life where lost souls linger. They eagerly await to journey
into the afterlife before the forces of evil demons, arisen from the
most ancient and forsaken places of the planet, come to enslave
these souls for their own vile deeds. Those few who remain living
are known as cowboys. They wander through the planet being sought
out by the lost souls as they are the only ones who hold the key to
sending them to their final resting place.


(serene sequence, possibly snow on a TV screen, zooming out or zooming in, at the end of monologue, flash image of Necromancer. Or a picture of normal Raphael and Virginia, white background, zooming out, towards end they turn into Raphael and bear. Raphael holding Virginia, silhouettes, Virginia changes to bear Raphael has hat, he is kneeling grasping the bear, then stands, looks up, with bear in hands. a-lá Full Metal Alchemist)

Raphael Thunderleaf:
People spend their lives searching for what they think they need.
What it is they think will bring them the happiness they deserve.
Yet, always fighting for what they’ve left behind.
While fleeing from his brother, Jacob dreamt of a ladder to heaven on which
angels were ascending and descending.
In the future, we call this, the Climbing Arc.

(opening theme “Happy Days” (Ai Otsuka) many action shots, running through park, fields, etc, shows hammer growing, end with heroes on hill, shadows, black silhouette of Vanier holding sword and then slashing screen. Different song plays Brand Sponsors logos are shown, different narrator announces sponsors)

Scene 1

(Mason and Raphael are walking, shots focus on their feet moving, and their waists, rustling trees with the hint of demons hiding within them, more feet, more rustling trees, the feet then stop, focus on teddy bear)

Raphael: They’ve come.

(change to episode title screen: EPISODE 01 : TUTAN HO-DOWN)

(ghosts appear from trees, shot changes to panning up along Mason’s shirt, to his mouth, stops, he grins)

Mason Wolfglider: Heh.

(short action sequence, Mason and Raphael fight the ghosts, main focus is showing Raphael lassoing the ghosts, the ghosts are defeated, all that is left is the three heroes, pan over to girl or ghost sitting alone by trees, beckoning to the heroes)

Mason: Looks like the ones not destined for hell are a lot more docile.

Raphael: They don’t all believe in hell…

(mummies appear from trees, behind the ghost, grab her and take her away)

Mason: What was that?

(Raphael has a solemn face. Mummies begin to emerge from trees.)

now back to the blog...

I’ll take care of this.

(focus on Mason’s hammer growing)

From before the time of man
when the gods battled
for ultimate control of time

A battle raged for 600 years
But there was no victor.

In order to save those that would come
the gods sacrificed themselves
creating Harobus, the prince of light
and Duartus, the prince of dark

Light to rule the day
and dark to rule the night

On supplicant knees I beg you!
Lend me your power once more!
Harobus! Duartus!

Ultimate mystery of the gods!


(proceeds to blast the mummies away. mummies have been defeated, Mason is holding hammer, staring at the empty space where the mummies were)

Mason: What just happened?

(At this point, any music that was playing should change to up-beat, higher energy song. Shot changes to panning view, slowly showing still 2/3 profile image of Raphael going across screen)

Raphael: I don’t know.

Virginia Thunderleaf: They were mummies! Mummies!

(Raphael looks down at bear)

(Mason jumps towards the bear, which on Raphael’s belt, starts yelling, from far it looks like Mason has his head in Raphael’s crotch)

Mason: Well we know that! But what were they doing here??

(flashing on screen, bear once again takes up most of the picture)

Virginia: Mummies!

(switches to Mason “falling” to knees on floor, yelling)

Mason: I know!

(at this point Raphael’s face is shown, solemn once again, he asks)

Raphael: Well where could they have gone to?

Virginia: I know! I know!

(Mason is exasperated, walks away with hands in air, giant hammer)

Mason: Of course you do…

Virginia: Of course I do!

(Mason again is angry, “falls”)

Virginia: They are a few miles from here.

(another still image of Raphael crosses screen, quickly, should be in sync with energy of song, fast moving background, music volume and intensity should increase)

Raphael: Take us there.

(switch to bear once more)

Virginia: Sure thing! Transportation mode activated! Get ready!!

(sound effects of high-tech transportation music continues, shot changes to them standing, staring at the bear now in Raphael’s hands. Music stops. Shot of Mason, hand on back of head, looking disgusted, annoyed)

Mason: Right..

(music briefly starts once more, bear, flashing colors on screen)

Virginia: Ready!!

(music stops, Mason’s face, scrolling from bottom of screen to top-right corner)

Mason: ...

now back to the blog...

(music starts once again, flashing images with bear)

Virginia: Are you ready?

(music stops, wide shot of them standing again, Mason yelling again at bear, black shadow over Raphael’s face, sweat drop? silence)

Mason: I’m ready! Get over with it!

(music starts again, flashing images, bear on screen)

Virginia: Go!

Scene 2

(at this point crazy images of characters going across screen with a lot of flashing and moving backgrounds and music playing, finally they appear at the park, or baseball field, Egyptian King is standing on the pitcher’s mound staring into the sky, looks down, menacingly at the heroes)

Egyptian King: And who are you?

(profile of both characters, Raphael steps forward)

Raphael: My name is Raphael Thunderleaf. They call me The TOTALLY LAME Cowboy.

(any music that may have been playing now stops, wind blowing, still image of E.K.’s eyes, face, expression changes to confused, disgusted, he grins, shot changes, shot from floor, up)

E.K.: Totally... Lame... Cowboy... uh.. AND WHO IS THIS, ANOTHER LAMESTER?

(different profile view, Mason steps forward, his hammer has returned to normal)

Sorry, I ain’t no lamester, buddy!

(proudly points thumb towards chest)

Mason Wolfglider, and in case you didn’t notice you’re a long way from Egypt. And you also look like a nutcase!

(shot changes to E.K. on pitcher’s mound, still image, scrolling from top to bottom of screen, dramatic music plays, flashback sequence begins, switch to black and white, image of two aliens scrolls across screen, right to left, black background)

3000 years ago when the aliens worked with the Egyptians to create the
pyramids they also taught the Pharaoh’s most trusted doctors how to
grant them immortality through mummification!

(still image of a mummy, decayed away, scrolling on screen, pyramids)

But you see, at the cost of immortality, their bodies would decay away!
The aliens sought to find perfect immortality, in which the being could
keep their own body, forever remaining young!

(image of aliens speaking with a pharaoh, aliens reading books, thinking, contemplating, developing the new technique)

The aliens then developed a new, experimental, secret form of
mummification which they called proto-mummification! The
Pharaoh then volunteered his two sons to be used in their
experiments! If the procedure succeeded, the princes would
rule Egypt together, forever!

(aliens taking two brothers by the arms, putting them on operating table, beds)

So they took the two sons, attempting to take the souls out of
their bodies and robotifying them!

(background turns red, hand cringing in air, aliens trying to save the body)

But during the procedure one of the brothers died! And his soul
was stuck between his human body and his new proto-body; all
that remained of him was a robotic soul, with no body!

(flash image of necromancer on screen, then E.K., arising from table)

The other brother survived, with his new proto-body he would
live forever! He found his brother’s soul and tried to convince
him to rule with him, but the deceased brother went mad which
forced the Pharaoh to banish him from Egypt! Forever!

(E.K. surrounded by mummies, laughing)

The prince went on to become the Egyptian King and rule
Egypt, immortal! Forever! As long as there were humans for
him to feed on their souls and mummify them, he would rule!

(back to image of E.K. on pitcher’s mound)

Do you see now? I am that Egyptian Prince! I survived the
experiment! I am the Egyptian King!

now back to the blog...

(Mason and Raphael are on the ground, backs against trees, nodding away)

Mason: ZzzzZzzz... huh uh.. what.. yeah..

(E.K. on pitcher’s mound, mummies begin to appear around him, semi-transparent image of his face super-imposed, hair covering eyes, shadows)

But recently the earth was overrun with zombies! The humans
began to die off, their bodies then disappeared! There are hardly
any humans left for me to feed from! So now I must hunt down
these lost souls and feed from them! But when I feed from them,
they don’t turn into mummies, because they have no bodies!
They turn into hideous robotic souls like my brother! Don’t you
see? My brother is responsible for the humans leaving the planet!
He has fed from them and has left nothing for me! Whatever I
feed from now turns into an image of him, which I despise!

(Raphael and Mason have stood up, Mummies are appearing everywhere)

HAHAHAHA! But now, Raphael, soon you and your friend
will be mine! Your souls will be mine! It has been so long since
I’ve found a human body to feed from! Mummies, attack them!

(Mummies begin to attack, this sequence includes fast moving backgrounds, with only colors and random fists, and legs, the characters dodge the attacks like in Naruto or DBZ, mummies surround Mason, he is wounded, his eyes widen, falls on ground, spits blood, they capture him, take him behind E.K. Mummies overwhelm Raphael, they begin to wrap him in bandages, trying to mummify him and take his soul, profile of E.K. on screen, laughing)


(Raphael pushes all the mummies away, he is crouching on the ground, marks on face, panting, begins to rise up slowly. Switch to E.K. surprised, then angry)

Why can’t my mummies take your human body?!?

(Raphael has stood up, head leaning toward the ground, hair covering face, shadows on eyes. Mummies backing away)

Raphael: Human? Who said I was human?

(surprised look on E.K’s face, hand cringing in front of him)

E.K.: What?!?

(Euro-power (Dark Angels - Right Now) song begins to play, sense of power comes from Raphael, mummies quivering)

(flashback, B/W to Raphael and Virginia, walking. laughing. zombies lurking in background)

There’s one thing you forgot to mention. Those aliens who
changed your body were experimenting a technique that
had not yet been perfected.

(image of Raphael bursting into Dr. Lightborg’s lab, with Virginia, dying, in arms. Dr. Lightborg points at operating table)

You forgot to mention the Martian scientist, Dr. Philius Lightborg
who 2,000 years later perfected the technique the aliens could not.

(E.K. staring, angry. Virginia’s body on bed, arms shoot up, tries to attack Raphael. Zombie Virginia’s body attacking Raphael, image of new Raphael)

He found a way to create a self-sustaining energy source
for the proto-bodies, so monsters like you would not be
created again!

(Raphael raises bear in hands, pulls out knife, holds knife over the bear’s chest)

Raphael: I’m sorry.

(focus on bear on screen)

Virginia: It’s okay dear, just fix me up when it’s over.

(E.K. shaking, he has clenched his fists, body scrolls downs, hands scroll up)

E.K.: No! It can’t be! Dr. Lightborg was killed! What are you?!?

(Raphael looks up)

Raphael: I am what you are, only better.

(knife plunges into bear’s chest, in sync with music, shot of Mason’s bloody face and eyes, quick zooming out of E.K. pointing, mummies begin appearing)

E.K.: Destroy him!

now back to the blog...

(mummies rush Raphael but it is too late, they can’t touch him, he fires a rocket from his hat, it zooms past all the mummies, hits E.K. screens turn white, music slowly fades, E.K. is badly wounded, mummies have disintegrated)

E.K.: No! I will not be defeated by someone like you! The only person who, if ever
will defeat me in battle will be my brother!

(Image of E.K. flying away, screen fades out)

Scene 3

(Raphael is against a tree, he has sewn the bear back together, Mason approaches, rubbing forehead with arm)

Mason: Well, looks like he’s out of the picture, but we can’t save the souls he already
took, huh?

(camera is from the bear’s viewpoint, Raphael looking up towards the sky)

Raphael: We can’t... at least now we can’t. Not until Dr. Lightborg finds a way to
reverse the procedure.

Virginia: Which he will! He will!

(Raphael looks down at bear, smiles)

Raphael: Yep.

(Mason approaches the two)

Mason: Now what?

(flashing on screen bear takes up the whole thing again)

Virginia: We.. beat you up!

(bear has fallen on Mason, continues to pounce on him like it’s being thrown, camera zooms out, far)

Mason: Gaaah! Stop that! You weigh like a ton of bricks!

Virginia: I’m 75% steel! Steel! It’s heavy!

Mason: I know! Stop it already! Gaaaaaah!

Virginia: Steel!!

Ending Credits

(Ending credits, Bump of Chicken - Tentaikansoku, slide show, zooming out of group picture of Dr. Lightborg, Virginia, Raphael, framed, with pictures of Mason and Vanier Zancastle attached.

Silhouettes of Raphael and Virginia walking.

Picture of Vanier and Mason arm wrestling, then picture of Raphael having dropped bear on both their hands

Virginia stumbles, Raphael helps her.

Picture of Mason reading dirty magazine, picture of Vanier sneaking up from behind and dumping water on his head. Evening. Short sequences of them running through fields, serene background scrolling by.)

Next Episode Preview

(Shots of next episode)

(Happy Days (Ai Otsuka) plays once again)

Mason: Well looks like everything will be easy from here on, huh?

Raphael: I don’t think so, Mason. It just starts from here.

Virginia: Yay!

Mason: Yay!??!

(scrolling image of Vanier Zancastle rising up from bottom screen)

Mason: Who is this guy? He looks crazy!

Virginia: I’m shaking!

Mason: Next time! Climbing Arc! My Sweet Delphia!

Virginia: I can’t wait!

Vanier Zancastle: I have come from the Netherworld to destroy you!

- END of Climbing Arc Ep. 1: Tutan Ho-Down -

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