I never went missing

A detective using a magnifying glass and notebook to decrypt a cryptic message.

DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon II (With the Funny Hat) has this to say:

Ok. Really short.

I have almost nothing to say.

First, I’m glad Fred made it back. He survived the rats and goblin children that infest the rockway area of Transylvania.

Second, I never went missing.

I know what The Funk Mistress meant, but I just want to make it clear.

She said:
“I have blamed myself for the loss of DJ Benvenuto and my only child.”

Sure, I don’t post that often but that’s not because I went missing. That’s all really. I just wanted to clear things up.

I know. Not even worth an update.

Glad to see Fred is still fighting hard.

December Bear-Hug coming soon.

Don’t forget to send us pictures.

Do it.

Top Comments

The Funk Mistress comments with this:
If you didn’t go missing then why haven’t you been returning my calls?

You bastard.


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