what what what?

A slanted photo of bookshelves filled with many large and old encyclopedias.

The Funk Mistress has this to say:

This “Flying Spaghetti Monsterism” doo-doo gets to be on lame-o-pedia but an entry on RIAfunk doesn’t?

And don’t any of you post and tell me, “Oh you just don’t get what it’s ABOUT! It’s protesting the teaching of intelligent design alongside evolution in science classes!”

I get it. I just think lame-o-pedia has really messed up standards as to what can and can’t be on their stupid site. Also don’t post to tell me, “The site must not be that stupid if you are so upset about them not accepting your article.” I hold grudges, okay?

As for the “Flying Spaghetti Monsterism” article, I do like the part about followers dressing up like pirates. And the part about beer volcanoes and a stripper factory (as long as it makes male strippers as well). I especially like the part about pictures of spaghetti monsters, hills, and midgets.

Dang you lame-o-pedia.

I hate you almost as much as I hate ninjas.



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