Late Night Update

A photo of a dark room with a dark desk and computer with clouds in the monitor and moonlight shining through some window blinds.

DJ Hadoken has this to say:

Hello again. Jetlag is a wonderful thing. I am finding it impossible to sleep at night, so here I am working on the website. A new update is ready, quite a big one at that.

Ninja Gaiden: The Movie has been reworked yet again, this time by BlindPanzer. It is quite amazing and no one should go without seeing this movie. Really.

Also, remember to thank him whenever you see him for actually taking the time out to edit one of our otherwise incoherent films! Without him, we would all be left clueless as to how Ryu Hayabusa and his latin lover Roberto ever met! Thanks BlindPanzer!

To see it, head over to the Ninja Gaiden movie page... NOW!!

And if anyone is interested in seeing some pics from the trip The Woodsman and I recently took to Japan, click below!

We found many crazy things in Japan and have many stories. So enjoy some of our pics!

Since I’m one of very few people who’s not too fond of that engrish site, we won’t be sending any to them, hurrah!


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