Japan Trip '04!

A photo of a statue of Colonel Sanders in the entrance to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Japan.
The frightening thing is that there are more than one of these...

Here are some pics from the trip
The Woodsman and DJ Hadoken took to Japan in 2004!

A photo of funny Japanese-style English on the promo banner of a Death Crimson OX arcade machine by Ecole Software.
The fear of death is waiting for you...

A photo of a building floor guide with some funny Japanese-style English.
We found some very interesting signs...

A photo of a sign on a building with some funny Japanese-style English.
This one speaks for itself...

A photo of a sign in front of a store with some funny Japanese-style English.
Should we be offended?

This one was just an apparel shop, apparently.

now back to the blog...

A group photo taken during a weekend spent camping in Japan.
Here’s a normal picture for you all.

That’s me (DJ Hadoken) in the middle there, The Woodsman to the left.
Behind me is my host dad, and in front of me in the blue shirt is my host brother.
We went camping one weekend with two other families and their kids.

Another group photo taken during a weekend spent camping in Japan.
Yet another group picture the same weekend of the camp.

My host mom there to the right.
Host brother is in the front left with my host dad ducking behind him. =P
Much fun.

A close-up photo of meatloaf and mashed potatoes on a dinner table in Japan.
The Woodsman and I also cooked dinner for my host family once.

They wanted American food so we made them meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Haha. 2 pounds of beef, oh yes.

A photo taken while doing the dishes in a home kitchen in Japan.
I’m not doing the peace sign in this picture...

...only because I was doing the dishes.

The Woodsman is wearing the official RIA logo shirt and representin’ us proudly!

There are many, many more pics but they must all be developed first...
So that’s about all for now!


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