A screen capture from Fellowship of the Ring showing Frodo Baggins looking crazy.

DJ Hadoken has this to say:


After a recent conversation with Kewl Kat, I learned that he had also received two additional letters from Middle-earth.

Although, rather than letters, they were DASTARDLY THREATS.

Yes, that’s right. Dastardly threats directed toward us, RIA.

Before I proceed into further detail, how is a Poss member supposed to react towards this? Well, obviously a dastardly threat towards RIA is a dastardly threat towards the entire RIA Poss and our well-being. Because of this, I have drawn up a proposal.

Before sharing my proposal, first of all, I will explain the background involving these threats.

It seems that Kewl Kat did in fact travel to Middle-earth, under a self-made vow of secrecy.

There he met Gandalf and remained with him for a few days before he returned here. During his stay, Gandalf gave the letter to Kewl Kat to deliver to us. We have been able to determine this after reading Kewl Kat’s journal.

However, as of yet, the origins of the second petition, the letter from Sauron, delivered by the Ring Wraiths, cannot yet be revealed. They are not mentioned in his journal entries.

After speaking with Kewl Kat, I learned that soon after he received the two petitions, he was aggressively confronted by a certain Hobbit, Frodo Baggins, who held him at STING-POINT and thrust two dastardly threats at Kewl Kat. Saying nothing, he apparently then slipped on his ring and disappeared.

Through careful research and analysis of Kewl Kat’s journal, I have concluded the following:
that Frodo was unaware that Gandalf had petitioned for RIA to help deliver the ring to Mountain Doom.

After learning this, Frodo felt a form of betrayal as he believed that Gandalf did not have faith in his own good friend.

While these feelings of defeat slowly overcame him, he then learned of the petition that Sauron had sent to us, RIA, pleading for us to use our powers to stop Frodo from taking the ring to Mountain Doom.

This discovery ignited Frodo’s rage. He believed that we were working together with Sauron and might possibly lead Gandalf and he into a trap. He also believed that Gandalf was also aware of this, but still chose to work with us.

Thus, Frodo has gone BERSERK and vowed to dastardly deed every one of us. He has disappeared from Middle-earth and was last seen HERE on EARTH by Kewl Kat.

I warn all of you to be careful. We are being hunted. This Hobbit is disgruntled and dangerous. He is able to turn invisible.

Even EL GRAN SALCHICHON may be no match for him!


However, there is hope.

I have drawn up a proposal that will give us the upper hand.

However, it requires full support from the RIA POSS.

To view the proposal, click here:

To view Kewl Kat’s Journal, click here:

now back to the blog...

Here is the FIRST dastardly threat.

Frodo Baggins looking crazy while holding the sword Sting.
This boy is not to be trusted at any cost.
Apparently he is angry over the fact that RIA has collaborated with Gandalf and Sauron in secrecy.
He has become unpredictable and disgruntled.

If you see him, dastardly deed him or run!

Thank you Kewl Kat for delivering this dastardly threat to us.

We appreciate the terrible hardships you went through to bring this message to us.


Here is the SECOND dastardly threat.

Frodo Baggins looking crazy as he holds a ring in his palm.
At high risk, this dastardly threat was delivered to us by Kewl Kat.

It has remained in the greatest secrecy until now.

It was rumored that this boy and another hobbit disappeared somewhere near Mordor.

But now we are more confident about this boy’s true location.


We must act now and stop him.


That is all for now!


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