Tenchi Muyo! Fan-fic Update

Ayeka and Ryoko as singing partners...who don’t get along

Guy the "crowd-pleasing, shirt-ripping, high-flying" Manager has this to say:

JubJubJub. :-P

Well, yesterday I finally got to play the friggin’ Korean Machine at the local arcade.

I arrived late, like at 7:30 pm, only because my mom kept complaining about why I have no goals for my life. DJ Benvenuto gave me a good idea.

“Why don’t you just say that you’re going to be a doctor?
Then drop out.”

That worked, seeing that I managed to get there.

Anyways, the machine is so ghetto! I don’t need to repeat what DJ Benny said about the machine

As soon as I got there everybody else was already getting ready to leave to eat something. Now I had the machine all to myself.

I got my Ba Kkwo and SSR on, as well as beat Captain Jack on SSR. :-P Another Cata under my belt.

So after a while, everybody decided to come back. Then a few rounds later, it was me and DJ Benny to tear up the dancefloor. Last time we played together, we were playing KCET on Beginner, and we left a few footprints where there wouldn’t normally be on a DDR machine.

Anyhow, our second song we chose was an E-Rotic song, I think Oh Nick Please Not So Quick, and during the middle of the song, the deep space in my mind which hides all Chango-like behavior awoke. In that moment, I took off my shirt, and just threw it next to the machine. I’m too much of a wuss to throw it in the crowd.

After a while later, he wanted a piece of the action himself, so he chose Turn Me On and went Chango all over the machine.

DJ Skittles and DJ Fuji decided as well to take on some freestylin’ action, and switched during some Korean song, I believe. Nothing REALLY fancy. But it was cool, none the less.

Then, everyone started to leave one by one. First, The General [I KNOW you aren’t one, it’s just your poss name. :-P], then DJ Skittles, DJ Benny, and finally DJ Fuji.

I was left with a DJ, his g/f, and an 8-year-old kid.

Now, this kinda confused me. The DJ can beat Flashdance and Captain Jack on Basic, and his beefy woman couldn’t, but she can beat Butterfly ~Upswing Mix~ and some Korean song, and HE couldn’t. Strange.... and the 8-year-old can’t beat anything past 4 feet, yet he was trying so hard to freestyle.

It’s just so insane.

Anyhow, I decided that it was time for me to go, so for my last song, I chose Kung Fu Fighting (Little, Another).

Let me tell you, you never know how high you can go unless you try Kung Fu Fighting. I did a jump-kick on the side of the machine, and I just caught some MAJOR air! I could have cleared the back handle bar and hurt somebody with my feet.

Then that was it.

Yeah, long, awkward, and incoherent. Just the way I like it. :-P

Oh, and before I forget, The Funk Mistress’s next installment of Carnevil should be up in like 10 minutes from when I wrote this, so.... Just look for it now in the Poss Section.

Also, I have managed to complete enough chapters of my Tenchi Muyo! fan-fic to start putting them up on the site, so expect them up very soon. ^_^

Hoo-Ha! I must dash now.

*flees and disappears into the night like that pigeon that DJ Hadoken claims to have seen vanish.*


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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