Talk about time management

Advertisement for the arcade game Police 911.

Guy the "Bootleg Benny" Manager has an itch to scratch:

Hi-hi-hi everybody!

Well, yesterday the RIA crew went to see Planet of the Apes, but that’s not my specialty. It’s DJ Benny’s job to review the movie.

Like always, we went to GameWorks to unload our DDR needs.

When we got there, there were these two awesome people playing doubles without shoes! Insane. But not as insane as X-TREME DOUBLES!!! Ooh, yeah. Well, they had a 3 hour card and they had put 30 credits in the machine already.

Then after a while, DJ Skittles and I went upstairs to play some House of the Dead 2 ghetto style (a.k.a. one person, two guns).

We also played some Police 911. That game is fresh. I shot some people through a window, and stuff.

Anyways, when we got back downstairs, we found out that those two people that were there before had left and there were about 24 creds still in the machine. We kept playing until around 30 minutes before the movie was about to start.

So everyone else left except for me, DJ Wang, and DJ Fuji. They only stayed for another round of regular doubles. Then THEY left and I stayed. This is probably 15, maybe 10 minutes before the movie supposedly starts.

I played a few more doubles, kicked the machine a few times, played singles, ALMOST passed Paranoia Rebirth on Expert, beat Dead End on Expert, met some other people from school, and some other stuff.

Then I left GW at 7:15 pm, went into the movie theater, got some popcorn, some soda, and went into the movie just when it was starting. Talk about time management. :-P

This is where DJ Benny should walk in with his review. So I’m out.

Oh, and DJ Hadoken updated The Art (located in The Poss section) and I put up Part Four of The Funk Mistress’s epic story, Carnevil.

Go check out DJ Skittle’s art skills and robots beating up bears, and then read the next installment of Carnevil, with strange twists and turns that’ll make you puke!

Umm, that is all.


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