Unfinished Business

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DJ Hadoken 7 has this to say:

Yes, a legitimate Funk update in, to put it lightly, a while. Well, that's if you don't count my last two updates about the wizard's message and some more Spinosaurus jokes.

As you can see there is a number "7" next to my name and the last time a DJ Hadoken updated The Funk the count was still only at DJ Hadoken 2 A.K.A. "DJ Hadoken Explamparaaghis".

So yeah it's been awhile. But actually I've been doing a lot of work under the hood and behind the scenes with this website for the past few months. Obviously you can see that The Funk now lives on riafunk.blog and not riafunk.com.

There's a lot I've wanted to do with this website and I am feeling that it's now or never. So I am currently working on some new RIA stuff and I am also in the process of renovating (modern-day-i-nizing?) the past Funk updates.

Of course when I say past updates I understand that for the majority of visitors to this website it's going to be new for them.

I'm posting the so-called past updates in a somewhat chronological order so if you return to this blog curious about what's changed lately and don't see anything new on the front page try browsing through the tags and see what may have been added.

This will turn into a really long post if I start to talk about all of the details of what's happened since the last major updates on this website and what I've been doing behind the scenes. So I think it'll be better to share that information gradually through future updates.

I wanted to address the whole situation with the Spinosaurus jokes but this post is already getting kind of long so I will save that too for a future update. 


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