Opeth - Chronology MCMXCIV - MMV (2006) Review

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Chronology MCMXCIV- MMV
A Live Observation By Opeth

The House of Blues
Orlando, Florida - March 21, 2006

Concert Review by BlindPanzer

So there I was again at the House of Blues in Orlando.

Last time I had been there, Iced Earth still had a bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer...

This time I was there to see Opeth, Dark Tranquility and Devil Driver (in that order of anticipation).

“You came here for metal, to fight and to die
Defenders of steel, now we are home.”


The crowd embodied everything that made METAL the greatest music today: sex, booze, and minimum wage jobs.

Pre-show conversations were as diverse in topic as comparisons on who spends the most money on drugs, to how great leather bracelets were.

Clearly, that night did not belong to the Pythagorean Theorem or any other barrier the man set up to bring us metalheads down...

“Brothers of metal will always be there
Standing together with hands in the air.”

Dark Tranquility
Rating: 6/10

The first band up was Dark Tranquility.

Valhalla was not smiling down upon the Swedish Sextet that night, because their performance can only be summed up as weak.

Maybe they were so frigging METAL for the entire tour that for the last night they needed to take a bit of a break.

Their setlist contained the usual DT fare, but it’d be nice for them to play something new (as in not in the DVD).

There is nothing left to say about them except it was disappointing.

The Wonders at Your Feet
Lost to Apathy
The Treason Wall
Damage Done
The New Build
Punish My Heaven
My Negation
Final Resistance

Devil Driver
Rating: 3/10

The next band, Devil Driver was as METAL as you can get: beer bellies, tattoos, mud chops, and that smell you can only attain from multiple weeks without showers.

They were so good they didn’t need to play any riffs, just down-tune the guitars to what sounded to like B, and double bass their way into the hearts of us all.

Their sound was a mix of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad.

In between songs they would give a couple of life lessons in the vain of: “Have you ever seen the concrete world surrounding us? Amidst it there is a flower which will not die... this song is called NO MORE PAIN!!!!!”

They didn’t actually say that but they were all like that. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get teary eyed (or was that because of all the smoke in the venue?).

Not much else to say because I didn’t know any of the songs or what they were all “about” (beyond the METALness of life of course).


“When losers say It's over with you know that it's a lie
The gods made Heavy Metal and It's never gonna die.”

now back to the blog...

Rating: 10/10

Perhaps least METAL of the night was Opeth.

They instead opted for a “professional” approach to music (I don’t know how far THAT will get them...) along with some progressive style musicianship.

It was nice to see them change the setlist a little with some tracks I hadn’t heard live (White Cluster, Amen Corner, Under the Weeping Moon).

The audience liked anything and everything Opeth gave them, and was pretty active during the songs.

If the sign of a troO metalhead is not being able to pronounce song titles correctly, then Orlando is home to the most troOeST metalheads around.

Some request highlights included:

“Reh-KWAI-om” (Requiem)
“April Ether” (April Ethereal)
“The Leper” (Leper Affinity)
“The Grand Conjunction” (The Grand Conjuration)
“Beneath the Meer” (Beneath the Mire)

Ghost of Perdition
White Cluster
The Amen Corner
Baying of the Hounds
Under the Weeping Moon
The Grand Conjuration
The Drapery Falls
Demon of the Fall


Overall, the only disappointment came from Dark Tranquility.

I expected something eye opening from them and all I got was a couple of good songs, and the rest just run of the mill melodic death metal.

I knew I wasn’t going to like Devil Driver, and I knew Opeth was going to be great as always.

It was, at the very least, an escape from all the institutions set by the man to bring us down.


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