A photo taken in a dark location that shows a table and a digital clock that are illuminated by the light from some candles in the foreground.

DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon II (With the Funny Hat) has this to say:

Hurricane Wilma came and went.

However, some people still don’t have power, even as I type this. For instance, two birthday boys that I happen to know still did not have power as of earlier tonight. It’s a shame but it’s true. They had their birthday yesterday, so I’ll just take this moment to say happy birthday to them, even though I already told them personally and it’s technically the day after, but might as well put it in The Funk as well.

I just got my internet connection/cable back today and I’m ready to roll.

I had something pending before the hurricane passed, and that was the October Bear-Hug of the Month. I had planned to post it up sometime last week, but due to lack of internet connection I was unable to. The Funk Mistress sent two pictures to me and I plan to use both of them. One I’ll post later this month as the November Bear-Hug, so in a sense there will be two in one month, which is great for everyone.

However, it also means that I’ll need more soon. Start sending your Christmas/Hanukkah Bear-Hugs now. The usual message board or AIM sources still apply. Get cracking. Now onto the Bear-Hug.

Belated Bear-Hug of the Month
October 2005
That’s not how you use them, is it?

I don’t remember Michelangelo ever doing that, or Bruce Lee.
Total misuse of this fine Japanese weapon.
My condolences go out to this person.
His name starts with a letter.
I won’t say more, because he may prefer to remain anonymous.

There you go. Hope you liked it.

Good work on the war stuff, Kat. Someone has to report the real news and you’re doing it. Dracula is going waaaay down. Suck it, Transylvania.

That’s all for now. Just remember to send more Bear-Hugs for December.

For everyone’s entertainment of course, not just mine.


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