War has been declared

A photo of a gavel and three conference monitors on a wooden table.

Kewl Kat has this to say:

RIA War Council has reached decision on the war against Dracula and his Army of Monsters. It was close decision of 3 against 1. The only one objecting the war was the hippie-loving DJ Fuji.

The RIA War Council has entrusted the Kat into preparing for the war and drawing up a war declaration. That job couldn’t be easier for me.

Now I need all of you bunch of soulless, pagan, dirty, santero, little brujero scumbags to enlist for the RIA Cause!

Enlist, I tell you!

This isn’t going be like RIA Bench Wars or The War Against Middle-Earth.

If this campaign is successful, I promise you we will invade Ancient Greece next and take over RIA Ancient Homeland. And if we are successful there we could go and take over Japan.

All your souls are needed for this war. So contribute or I will sacrifice you!

Now enlist!

Read the war declaration and enlist:

Field Marshal Kat is out until the next time.


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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