Long Time???

A close-up photo of an alarm clock with roman numerals, on top of a long white pavement marking on a highway road.

DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon II (With the Funny Hat) has this to say:

Yes, I’m posting on The Funk.

New Funk format, thanks to DJ Hadoken and new post.

Not much to say really, other than it’s been a very long time since my last post. I’ve been in Italy fighting evil Italo Disco stars and here at home getting arrested by undercover cops. But I’m here at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be posting a little more often, which shouldn’t be too hard considering my record for the past.. long time.

Moving on. I’m hoping that the recent increase in traffic has been due to our Yasumicon visit. If that happens to be the case and any of you people reading this got that free CD we were passing out, I’d like to say thanks again for checking out the movies and paying us a visit and putting up with two weirdos passing out mysterious CDs.

Speaking of movies, we are still filming LHO JWB, but we are more than halfway done and we should be done soon. Editing has also started and things are moving along well.

So, stay tuned.

Other than that, I don’t have anything to say except: I heard Aaron Carter is a poser.


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