Jag Panzer - Casting the Stones (2004) Review

The album cover of Casting the Stones by Jag Panzer.

Jag Panzer - Casting the Stones (2004)

Album review by BlindPanzer

Out of all the Power Metal bands today, Jag Panzer is arguably the most difficult to get into...

Their style has never been very accessible, they usually stay around mid-tempo with the occasional fast anthem, and Harry Conklin’s singing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

To make things worse, their new album “Casting the Stones” is their least accessible album to date...

But does that make it a bad album?

Here’s a song by song review.

1. Feast or Famine (04:14)

I did not like the fact that they start with a mid-tempo song as their opener. If you are already a Panzer fan then you will instantly notice how much heavier and more layered this album is mixed. 

2. The Mission - 1943 (04:09)

Now this should have been the opener, the song grabs you from the beginning and it doesn’t let go.
We get the usual great Conklin vocals. This song has a great bass line and I like how the lead guitar comes in every so often. 

3. Vigilant (05:03)

A more progressive side of Jag Panzer is shown in this song. It’s kind of hard to get into it but after a couple of listens you should be able to enjoy it and understand its greatness. 

4. Achilles (02:46)

This song is brilliant! BRILLIANT. Mark Briody (guitar) explained how this song was supposed to be an epic but they opted to make it different and make it a mini-epic (thus the very short length of it).

Very melodic and catchy. 

5. Tempest (04:40)

My personal favorite song of the album. This leans more to the Progressive side again, with its layered mix. This song has it all... Great vocals, detailed drum work, tight bass lines, and very cool lyrics. We get a nice acoustic section in the middle of the song before the awesome guitar solo.

An instant classic. 

6. Legion Immortal (04:31)

Classic Jag Panzer song. Not much to say except nothing really stands out in the song. 

7. Battered & Bruised (04:46)

The song is upbeat and has nice riffing. Same as above, these two tracks, maybe foreshadow, are not bad songs but needed a bit more to make them more memorable.

Catchy chorus. 

8. Cold (03:36)

Ouch. This song is not very good, and the layered vocals don’t help much. The only sub par song in the album. 

9. Starlight’s Fury (06:18)

Fortunately we get an awesome song after the dreadful “cold”. This is a classic Jag Panzer progressive song. Excellent drumming throughout the entire song. 

10. The Harkening (04:44)

This song brings back memories of the “Thane To The Throne" album in its song structure and the use of choirs extensively. This is a good song but nothing really stands out. 

11. Precipice (06:26)

What would a Jag Panzer album be without a very epic closing song. This one doesn’t disappoint. This song is epic and catchy, closing the album well.

now back to the blog...

Final Verdict: 8/10

This album may take a few listens to get into. But you will be introduced to the genius of one of the premier US Metal Bands, Jag Panzer.

I wouldn’t recommend listening to this album first as an introduction to Jag Panzer.

If you’re new to Jag Panzer then start with “The Age of Mastery” album.

After that you might be able to enjoy this album more.


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