It's Hard Being the General of the Otran Empire: 2

A photograph of a lighthouse and some coastline.

It’s Hard Being the General of the Otran Empire
Original War Fiction

Written by Kewl Kat
(a.k.a. Southern Cowboy)

Chapter 2

The streets of the city were full of people and cars.

Some people were standing in long lines for food and other necessities. There were kids dressed in black and red uniforms with a red scarf around their necks walking with their teachers toward one of the many states-run museums and art galleries.

The caravan exited the city and merged into the Patriotic War Boulevard. The Patriotic War Boulevard was a three-lane highway that looked out to sea. It was located in the older part of the capital Brudaya.

As the Boulevard came to an end and merge with other streets, the Otran Empire Tunnel came into the horizon.

Otran Empire Tunnel ran under the Brudaya Bay. The tunnel was illuminated with lights and some Neon billboards. The tunnel was two-lane highway. The caravan exited the tunnel and went up a rocky hill until the Tyaska Castle.

The caravan stopped in front of the great metal doors of the Castle and the General got out.

The General was accompanied by his top military officers and advisors. He entered the Castle and went to the Main Plaza.

In the Plaza was lined up 10 regiments of the infamous Lighting Palace Guards. They were dressed in black uniforms with a bracelet in their right arm with the flag of the empire.

Lighting Palace Guards were the most brutal and repressive force of the government. They wield unlimited power against the citizenry.

The Guards had been responsible for thousands of tortures and hangings within the Tyaska Castle walls. They had been also responsible for destroying all the newspapers and magazines stands of the opposition and taken members all of the opposition movement to the Tyaska Castle.

The citizenry feared them and never dared to cross them.

He inspected the Guard uniforms and continued on his way. The General entered a Main Communication Room near the Plaza. He looked around and made sure everything was in order and those maps and battle plans were upgraded.

When he was satisfied that everything was in order, he exited the room. The General walked through a rocky road until cannons near the lighthouse that were looking out to sea.

The General walked around the cannons and checked them. He checked the small computerize battle stations used to fire the canons were working properly. Then the General climbed the steps to the top of the lighthouse.

The whole city skyline could be seen from the top of the lighthouse.

As he inspected the lighting system and computers, one of his military aids approached him and said, “Sir, a group of citizens has hijacked a boat from the port.”

The General thought for a second and said, “Mr. Yawoski, tell the captain of the Lighting Palace Guards to get four tugboats and ram the damn boat. If they get any survivors to bring them back to the Tyaska Castle and torture them.”

“Yes sir,” and the aid left.

The Naturgis Tugboats were fabricated by the kingdom of Shair.

They were black and orange tugboats with five pressure hoses that used ocean water for its tasks. Two hoses were located in the front of the ship, one above the bridge and two more in the back of the boat. The tugboat could reach cruising speed of 85 knots.

The General picked up the phone in the lighthouse and dialed the Air-Force Central Command.

“Order five Yamaskas to go out and search for the hijacked boat and shoot it at will,” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” a voice answered and then hung up.

The General finished inspecting the Tyaska Castle and left for home.


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