Army of Marxists: Post Mortem

An image featuring a screenshot from the RIAfunk original communist zombie movie, "Army of Marxists", that shows a writhing hand bursting up and out from the ground at night.

Army of Marxists: Post Mortem
Communist Zombie Movie Project Retrospective

Written by DJ Hadoken

It’s hard for me to explain everything I did for the project because I don’t want to sound like I am taking credit for the entire movie.

I also don’t want to make it sound like any of the other members did any less work than they actually did. We needed everyone for this project, and without everyone we wouldn’t have been able to complete it.

Originally, there were only 4 of us in the project group. Later, we invited one of our friends, BurpingCat, to join.

BurpingCat and HolyPony worked on the actual script. After the script was done, BurpingCat and I directed and produced the movie.

We were the only ones who were present for all of the filming, because it was very difficult for all 5 of us to meet at once (due to conflicting schedules). We spent about a week and a half filming at different locations.

We asked anyone we knew that was available, to play a part in our movie. This is because it was hard to coordinate with only the project members, and because of the amount of characters that had been written into the script. (Not to mention the fact that I ended up playing about 4 different characters in the movie, due to the lack of available people).

HolyPony and I bought the props for the movie. Dr. Zombie Succubus and I selected the soundtrack. We all contributed to the camerawork.

BurpingCat and I spent about 3 days editing the movie. Two of those days were nonstop editing from morning until late night.

I just want to point that out, because I don’t want it to be held against me that I didn’t turn this report in or my Hinduism response before Monday. That’s because I was up until 6 am finishing the editing process for the movie.

And it is not because of putting it off until the last minute, either. It is because I devoted the past two weeks of my life and took time off from work for this project. This is not a bad thing really, because it was fun. I really enjoyed working on it.

I created all the graphics in the movie, except for the pictures used in the top right corner during the newscasts.

I also did the major editing of the audio. And together with BurpingCat, created the robot voice of the necromancer. I bought most of the editing equipment (except for the actual camera, which BurpingCat already had).

We used my computer and my laptop to do the editing, since they were the most capable of handling the data. BurpingCat and I converted the movie into the right format so we could transfer it to VHS.

That’s basically it. I really enjoyed working on this project and had a lot of fun. It was definitely worth the time and effort.


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