The Funk Mistress of Sci-Fi

A 3D rendered science fiction-like image of a young woman with pink hair and glowing pink eyes that can be seen through the dark glasses that she is wearing. She is also wearing a metallic suit with some pink lining. Behind her is a sprawling urban environment.

The Funk Mistress of Sci-Fi
A Interview

Written by DJ Hadoken

I recently interviewed The Funk Mistress. She is currently studying to be an English major. She is interested in becoming a fiction author and particularly enjoys science fiction.

She has written many short stories and is currently working on her first novel. She enjoys the freedom of creativity that science fiction provides. She enjoys observing everyday things and tries to imagine her own version of what they may be like in any world she desires to create.

Her inspiration also comes from events she observes. She tries to imagine how they could have turned out differently. For example, if she sees a young child being mistreated, she will ask herself, “What if that little kid had powers and used them to get whatever he wanted?” or “What if that kid got so used to that, that he grew up bad and used his powers to do bad things?”

Another reason she is so highly attracted to the world of science fiction is her belief in supernatural entities, such as ghosts. She passionately believes that her house is haunted and that spirits have tried to speak with her or communicate with her.

She believes that reading and writing books are of the same importance. Reading books, she says, allows her to see how others view the world and allows her to develop new ideas, especially if she does not like how a certain author handles their own story.

She also enjoys writing because it allows her to create her own unique stories. She believes that it would be interesting to witness the ghosts in her house one day participate in an unparalleled struggle of power with extraterrestrial beings.

It is this type of creativity and imagination that will help Ms. Funk Mistress achieve her goals.


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