The Origin of BurpingCat

A photo of a black tuxedo cat with white paws and big round eyes, sitting in an alley at night and staring at the camera.

The Origin of BurpingCat
Original Young Adult Fiction

Submitted by BurpingCat


This does not represent lamesters in any way.

One foggy Friday night, Gary was walking down to Phranc’s house (he had no car). When he arrived, Phranc was all spiffy-looking in his “fresh gear” to go to the Grove. Neither of them had a car, so they walked all the way. Upon arriving, the duo was greeted with homie mobiles and pistol smoke all over the place.

They both took a deep breath and enjoyed the environment. They did the usual - “cruising” for homie mobiles (on their feet). Soon they tired and rested on a bench, when two tramps came by and offered themselves to them. Phranc really wanted to because he was getting a rigid sausage just talking to them. Gary didn’t really respond because he still hadn’t shown his true feelings for Phranc. So they went with the tramps anyways.

Upon reaching the tramp house, the tramps asked for the money and they stared at them with confused faces. Phranc had no money, because the Friday night before, he spent it all at 7-11 buying “munchies”. So the tramps started b*tching about them wasting a sales talk with those two little punks. They kicked them to a dark alley, and some homie mobile passed by them and flung mud at them with the wheels.

Outraged, Phranc got up and started yelling at the car. Gary looked at Phranc with a “you shouldn’t have done that” face and Phranc nodded at him. The car turned around, speeded towards them and stopped right in front of them. And then some hardcore homie opened his window and dastardly deeded them both.

Phranc and Gary remained dastardly deeded in a cold alley as the fog cleared.

Then a lone cat came by, paused and burped, then left.



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