The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Review

Monica Bellucci on The Matrix Reloaded movie poster.

DJ Benvenuto the "Jacked in" Raccoon has this to say:

Here is my take on the The Matrix Reloaded.

I wrote this little review in Physics class. It kept me busy for quite a while.

Contrary to most people, I did like The Matrix Reloaded. I actually did like it. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it, I simply liked it.

It seems that this happens to me more and more. I liked A.I. Artificial Intelligence, but just about everyone else did not. I really enjoyed Signs, but once again, everyone else really hated it.

However, I don’t care. It is my duty as the official (self-appointed) RIA movie critic to analyze every movie that is worthy, and if it turns out that my opinion differs from yours, too bad. Go suck Eddie Murphy’s wee-wee.

Seriously though, I completely understand why so many people did not like it. The biggest factor in this mix is probably the radical departure from the first one. The original Matrix was very much its own self-contained movie. It had a pretty open ending, but it could have lasted just fine without a sequel.

That itself is the problem. The Matrix Reloaded is completely dependent on not only the first movie but what will come in the third. In a sense, it is a very unfulfilling movie, but that’s how it is. That is exactly why The Matrix Revolutions is coming out in six months. So the ending should be of no surprise.

In Reloaded, we get to see the characters in a new light. The Wachowski Brothers truly try to “flesh out” the characters more. Perhaps even a little too much. I didn’t really care knowing that Neo and Trinity are as horny as rabbits - really, really horny rabbits.

We finally get to see Zion and we come to realize that Zion is one big dance club. With a giant “minority” population. Oh yeah, and they’re all just about as horny as Neo and Trinity. We really don’t get to see any of this in the first movie. Even though Zion was planned to be in the first movie but was eventually cut.

As a result of all this “fleshing out”, Reloaded is much slower paced in comparison. Which gives this movie a very different feel. A very unfamiliar feel.

Now, onto the centerpiece of the movie: the action and special effects.

Many of the scenes were simply awesome. Many of the scenes were more of the same. A lot of the CG was some of the best that I’ve ever seen. There were many instances when it was a CG Agent Smith or a CG Neo and if you weren’t paying attention you would not be able to tell.

The execution of Neo’s flying was also very nicely done. If there’s one thing that movies teach you, it is that decent looking flying is not something easy to do, but they pulled it off quite well. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for a pretty face (or a nice ass, some may argue) or a cool fight as the case may be. But I can pretty much say that I like most if not every action scene.

However, keep one thing in mind. The action in Reloaded tends to be even crazier than the action in the first Matrix movie. So, if you found the first Matrix movie hard to swallow, you won’t even be able to fit this one in your mouth.

The question in all your minds must be, “Why am I here?” No, sorry, the question actually is, “Will I like it?” I’d have to say it all depends. Did you like the first Matrix movie? If so, then you might enjoy the film. If not, then don’t even bother.

Even if you did enjoy it, the question then becomes, “Do I really want to enter the Matrix and learn its deepest and horniest secrets?” If so, then go for it. Just keep in mind that the original Matrix was more show than anything. Reloaded has plenty of show but you’re presented with many disorienting concepts such as character development and plot exploration.

The next question on the agenda then becomes, “DJ Benny, why are you so hot?” I’m not, so I’ll just have to answer the next question, which is, “Do you think The Matrix Revolutions will be any better?” Yes, yes I do. I think that because the conflicts and problems have already been set up in Reloaded, we might see something closer to the original in Revolutions. That’s all purely my opinion and speculation though. But yes, I do think Revolutions will be better.

Simply put, I liked it and I’m excited for the third Matrix movie, but you can’t let the hype get to you.

In November, I’ll be there at 10 PM or midnight or whenever the first showing is. Hopefully, not next to King the “I haven’t bathed in two weeks and I smell like Cheetos but it’s ok because I’m dressed like Neo” Matrix Nerd.

I’ll be the guy dressed like Elrond or maybe Legolas and I’ll demand to see The Return of the King and I’ll wave my sword around and dastardly deed all the Matrix nerds.

I swear, I think I saw a shirt that said, “I’ll suck Neo’s Matrix any day”. I’ll dastardly deed them all. Then I’ll make that high-pitched nerd voice.

This will all happen because the Oracle foretold it.

Gosh, I’m babbling more than the Colonel (The Architect).

What was my point?

Oh yeah, I liked the movie, you won’t.


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