Glad I'm home

Some white flowers and a green sign that reads "sweet home" with a small key attached to it.

DJ Hadoken has this to say:

Just thought I’d make a quick update before I go out today.

Yep, I’m home and I’m really glad I’m here and not in Japan going insane anymore.

Seems everyone seems to know what I was going through. When I mean everyone, I mean everyone. Like in school for example, I was talking to this one girl and she’s like, “How was Japan? Heard you were going insane.” Funny.

I have DSL again.

It’s Mother’s Day. Gotta give my mom what I bought her in Japan. I have more free time now, so I think I will work on this site. But I’d like Ultimo II back first or maybe just build a new computer. Though, I don’t have money for that. Nor do I have much money for prom and a tux.

Want to go to prom with a mohawk..

Gonna read Berserk in the car.


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