Someday's Not Here Hosting

A photo of a dark corridor with graffiti on the wall and dimly lit by red light that is illuminating from a neon sign that reads "Nothin’ to see here..."

JRFxtreme: hey dj hadoken, i don’t know if you’re interested, but you can get the riafunk site hosted on “someday’s not here hosting” for free, 50 mbs of memory, and unlimited bandwidth, but i don’t know if you’d feel like putting it all together or w/e

JRFxtreme: almost typed something i see :-)

DJ Hadoken: hey that sounds cool

JRFxtreme: don’t know if you’d feel like moving the ria site though

DJ Hadoken: i need to move some files

DJ Hadoken: but i can look into it when i get back from japan

JRFxtreme: hmm... i forgot to say they don’t have any “annoying features”

JRFxtreme: k

JRFxtreme: a.k.a., it’s the best hosting around that i know of... hopefully they’ll be around for a long time

DJ Hadoken: cool cool

DJ Hadoken: thanks

JRFxtreme: n/p


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