School Daze: 3

A dirty metal room with some furnaces.

School Daze
Original Young Adult Fiction

Written by The Funk Mistress

Part Three

“Oh, man. Where are we?” stammered a confused DJ Skittles after the gas’s effects wore off.

The members of the RIA Army were all stuck in a tiny metal room. It was dirty and wet and resembled the hidden rooms in movies where the furnace is always located and making weird noises.

More often than not, there was a ghost hidden behind those furnaces, but since this was the local high school, it was just full of roaches. All of the RIA Army members were chained to a wall.

“I don’t know where we are. But Billy has to be here somewhere,” said DJ Wang.

“What makes you say that?” asked DJ Skittles.

“Well, if you were a demented freak with vengeance on your mind, would you leave your prey alone, or would you stick close to them and mess with their heads?” asked DJ Wang.

“Shut up!” shouted The Funk Mistress. “I’m trying to pick this lock with a paperclip I found and you're messing up my concentration!”

“Dangit Funk Mistress! We told you last time that you can’t pick a lock with a paperclip. That only works in movies!” shouted DJ Wang.

“Do you have a better plan?” she screeched. Keep in mind, The Funk Mistress was part Irish. When she got mad, her voice could rise to the force of a banshee.


“Then shut up!”

Not wanting to lose his eardrums, DJ Wang did so.

However, in the process of the argument, The Funk Mistress had woken up everyone else in the room. It was now filled with the moans of twenty angry kids who also happened to be hungry kids because they had lost their lunch period to help with a failed war effort.

“My tummy hurts!” shouted one of the Poss members. No one was quite sure, but they thought it was The Woodsman.

“Help!” shouted all the chained up soldiers. They were causing quite a commotion.

“You guys be quiet! We have to think of a plan!” shouted DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon.

“No, wait. Think about it,” said The Funk Mistress. “If we all scream loud enough, someone will eventually hear us. And if someone finds a bunch of kids chained up in the basement because of Pretty Boy, well, that could get him fired!”

“Keep screaming!” DJ Benvenuto shouted.

Suddenly, a person fell from the roof.

Who was it..?

Who could it be..?

Pop Artist with a Questionable Reputation!

He was back!

“Hey kids! I’m back!”

“Yea! We missed you, Pop Artist with a Questionable Reputation!” exclaimed DJ Hadoken.

“That’s good to know. I just escaped from the rubble of the House of Mirrors today. Well, back to the Rings!” With that, he went back to the boys' Rings.

“No! We need your help! Set us free!” DJ Wang cried out.

“Crap! Call him back out!” The Funk Mistress sobbed.

“We can’t get to the Rings the way we’re chained up,” said DJ Fuji the Man Scout.

“Well, can Guy call Meta-Guy?” The Funk Mistress asked.

“He’s in jail,” Guy the Manager replied.

“...What?” The thought of Meta-Guy being put in jail confused her.

Guy the Manager reminded her, “He killed a bunch of people at the fair.”

“How can you stick a robot in jail?! It's not a person!” The Funk Mistress was getting mad again.

“Well, they did it,” Guy the Manager shook his head.

“Make him break out!”

“No! They’ll make his sentence longer!” Guy the Manager protested.

The Funk Mistress then mumbled something under her breath.

It was incoherent, but it was something like, “stupid wimp and his wussy robot.”


Tune in next week for part four of RIA’s amazing adventure, RIA: School Daze!

È una notte buia e minacciosa. Uuuu-uuu-uuu-


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