Rock and Bounce

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Rock and Bounce
Song Lyrics

Written by Kewl Kat
(a.k.a. Southern Cowboy)

Kewl Kat: DJ Hadoken

DJ Hadoken: hi

Kewl Kat: if u ever want record my raps just to tell me

DJ Hadoken: k

Kewl Kat: u want record raps, Hadoken?

DJ Hadoken: yes

Kewl Kat: u remember my rock and bounce rap?

DJ Hadoken: kinda

Kewl Kat: ain’t going get put up in the message board, cuz I didn’t like it that much

DJ Hadoken: ooh.. the one you showed me in school?

Kewl Kat: yeah

DJ Hadoken: ooh

DJ Hadoken: send me a copy of it

DJ Hadoken: because I couldn’t really read the handwriting

DJ Hadoken: brb

Kewl Kat: ok

Kewl Kat:
By anonymous voting, the Rock and Bounce rhyme is going get post
Hadoken, now u could understand my handwriting
Yo, this rhyme ain’t that fresh, I wrote it during lunch
So tell me if it’s fresh

Rock and Bounce coming str8 out of Ponce
I make my presence felt like a cowboy in the Midwest

Bullets, money, guns
It’s all good cuz it’s like the wild wild west

I’M down HAV, CPT, and MiA
I’m not like Dre, I like cruising down 8th street
RIA Poss make this rhyme sound smooth, so shout to them

U f* with me I will make the earth rumble, like Ali in the middle of the jungle
Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice is whack and Kewl Kat is kewl

I’m toughest bastard in the West
I get all honeys and everybody envy me cuz I get b*tches from Palmetto to NYC

With this rhyme, the Kat out
This message is fo’ all u kewl people that can ball with the Kat


Auto response from DJ Hadoken:

Kewl Kat: ok

Kewl Kat signed off at 4:53:54 PM.

Kewl Kat signed on at 6:53:09 PM.

Kewl Kat signed off at 6:59:21 PM.


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