Our Sleeping Giant

A silhouette of a dinosaur roaring at a twilight sky.

DJ "time flies" Hadoken has this to say:

I finally have an opportunity to update. Thank goodness.

I’m just updating The Funk right now, however.

This year seems to be a lot easier than last year. At least so far. I am just very bad at getting orientated. So I am still in that state of being in which I attempt to get adjusted to schoolwork.

We have had one new piece of fan art by Kewl Kat pending in our RIAart box. Which is as of yet to be put up.

We’ve been playing DDR lately and have been neglecting this site.

My next major update for this site I plan to be the RIA Ranger adventure, which I have been considering a lot lately.

After that is up I expect to begin work on our next CD, in which we are still deciding among a few choices for a name. Feel free to contact us and suggest any songs you want to be on the CD. This next one is definitely going to be better than the first one... now that we are more experienced in the whole creating CD business.

We’ve also got a few songs we’d like to record, but have also been neglecting our duty at recording. DDR has definitely hindered us.

Anyways, I have also been recently obsessed with downloading anime. So even that has set us back.

But now, it’s time for me to become a harsh dictator once again and start demanding of my peers that we become productive in order to show the world that we are truly better than most other bands and that we can be better at no cost to those who want our music.

Ah, yes. You see, this site is our sleeping giant.

Right now not many people may care about us or know who we are, and they may never until we have long forgotten about this site.

But at one point a group of people will begin to discover this site and we will be worshipped.

Yes, it is all working nicely.



=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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