Geoffrey's First DDR Tournament

The title image for the RIA Adventure, "DDR TOORNAMINT AT THE ARKADE!!"


Original Young Adult Fiction

Created by Geoffrey, Age 9

Hello my name is Geoffrey.
I am nine years old. I went to the toornamint. I like DDR.
I go to school. I have a dog named flinky. He is furry and I like him.
I play with him. He doesn’t like to play DDR. I make him play.
Dj benevento told me to draw him pictures about this toornamint.
I am bad with spellin. So I am sorry.


I play but i am not too good.
This picture is me by the arkade machine I like it!

Many peeople like to dance.

They had fun I danced also at arkade.

Dj Bennyto lost on the first time.

He was tired he said and he did not want to play there.
He said something about taking off his clothes.
I think that he was sad.
He should go see his mommy i do when I am sad and i feel better.

Burpikitty went too.

He is scary to me.
He had his boogeyman mask.
I dont like that.
They call it a gas mask.
He won then he lost and he was sad too.

Then rain came from the sky.

I thought that didnt happen in arkades.
Mr. Steve put paper towels but it didn’t stop raining.

now back to the blog...

I looked up and I saw that the ceiling was crying.

Maybe he thought that the DDR machine was hurting because we steped on it.
But dj benuto said it was the air condishon and that it didnt hurt.
So i told the roof not to cry.
Then they moved the padss.

I drew Dj bennyuto without his shirt on.

Here he dance and rubbed himself.
The song said Turn me on im not sure what that means.
My mommy says I shouldnt rub myself or I will go blind.
I hope dj benutyo doesnt go blind.
He was happy after taking of his clothes.
I was scared i didnt want him to go bllind.

I was happy and tired and sleepy.

I had fun I like dancin!
I hope there is another tournament.
DJ bennyvuto said he wanted free styyle.
I think that will be fun. I hope you like my pictures.
I like RIA now I want to go play pokemon my Pikachu is a level 97!



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