October Sky (1999) Review

Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern in October Sky.

DJ Wang the "think of something funny" has this to say:

- 8:20 am -


Another oddly scheduled day. So I’m in business class and we had a fire drill this morning.

It was rather a waste of time. People moving slow, talking, and groping each other in the hallways really slowed down the movement process.

My theory is too many fire drills not enough fires. We have become accustomed to the fake drills and nobody cares because they aren’t in any real mortal danger.

My solution is to get Meta-Guy all liquored up on whatever it is he drinks, or processes. And give him a shovel or maybe some enhanced laser eyes and a pointed Viking helmet and let him run amok.

Maybe he’ll stick around and smash up the school a bit to give it a "realistic" hazardous atmosphere. That way evacuation is a sure thing. You can be sure that you won’t be blocking a fire exit.

Actually, a security guard told me I was blocking the exit. I guess he didn’t see the rest of the people doing like a gang initiation in the middle of the doors.

My perspective is that if there is a fire and if you have legs and are flammable you are never blocking anything.

Well class is about to end. So maybe I’ll add a bit on during chemistry class.

- 5:00 pm -

I really couldn’t add much in chemistry class due to the fact that we had to watch a movie called October Sky.

It’s about communists and Sputnik.

Some losers try to build a rocket out of a railroad track and they end up derailing the train and some people die.

And later they build the rocket but they didn’t do the right calculations or something. It hit some guy in the eye and he was all crying and stuff until the charge died down and it exploded and maimed him real good.

Later the kid is trying to get a science scholarship to get out of their little town but the kid has to give up science because a coal mine collapses on his father.

Overall, I thought it was a real good family movie.

It had many important lessons.

Don’t go into coal mines...

Rockets explode...

What don’t you learn from this movie?


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