Creepy Talk Show Hosts

A blue-tinted stylized image of a creepy-looking man that is smiling and wearing a suit, with his hands folded on his lap while he sits on a sofa. And there is a small TV in the background that on its screen has another creepy-looking man that is smiling.

Creepy Talk Show Hosts
Song Lyrics

Written by DJ Wang

(Today’s Topic)
Widows that lost a loved one in a brutal disaster,
forever scarring them mentally.

Some bulls in Spain trampled my husband and
then some kids sliced him up and
sold him at the market!

(Talk Show Host #1)
Yeah... that’s really depressing...
Why don’t you come over here..?

Music Starts

I got my own show and look really cool
All my pathetic guests I play for a fool

Fifteen, Twenty, Thirty, it doesn’t matter in the end
I’ll say anything to hold them, to be their friend

“Get your hands off my wife!” I always hear
“Hey! Calm down buddy, I’ll get you a beer.”

The love, the money, it’s all about power
Day after day I take a honey in the shower

All those little lamesters
I’ll give them all my liquid dirty deedsters

I’ll touch your boobies and the rest of your body
Because I love a lamester hottie hottie hottie!

*I’m so naughty*

When I’m done with you my pants will be damp
Then it’s time to send you to camp

Boot camp that is...

If I’m not bad enough I got an imposing figure
Guess what he’s a big bad dude


I slam ’em with my meaty pole
When I’m done I shout out


Music Ends

(Talk Show Host #1)
Well, this is the end of our show.
Until next time, take care of yourselves
and each other.

(Talk Show Host #2)
Hey that’s my line!

(Talk Show Host #1)
I thought I locked you up in your room!

(Talk Show Host #2)
You did. But this amazing lad
smashed open the wall and let me out.

(Extremely Special Man)
BLAHH, you touch me in special space...


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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