Tenchi Muyo! Fan-fic Announcement

Tenchi Muyo! characters doing karaoke

Guy the Manager has some business to settle:

Well, I’ve told a VERY SELECTIVE FEW that I am writing a Tenchi Muyo! fan-fic. Only 3-4 people know this, until the rest of you read this message.

I have been writing this fic for quite some time now, and it’s turning out great. There is just wuuuun, wiiittle pwobwem. I have a TERRIBLE case of writer’s block. *Oy!*

It looks like I’m gonna have to lock myself in my ghetto room and try to figure this thing out. This will probably mean that I won’t be able to go to the site as much.

Some of you are probably rejoicing that I’m not gonna make more more visits to the site. But hey! I am ALMOST done with the fic. And who knows, maybe I’ll post it up on the site. *wink, wink*

Well, to make sure you know what fic I am writing, it’s about a teenager named Ian (whose name I totally ripped from the song "Smoke") who lived in the future and gets hurled back in time by some alien race, and ends up at the Masaki residence.

It kinda sounds lame now, but that’s because I failed to mention that he’s a space pilot.... It WILL make sense when you read it, unlike the actual series.

Oh, I just signed up for a anti-racial protest / convention thingy. It happens during 3rd period next Wednesday. I have to do a skit or a song or whatever. And then I thought, "Why not let RIA take part into this." You get to skip 3rd period, and you also get to spread the word of RIA as well.

Think of it as a benefit concert or something.

Uhh, I gotta get going now.
I’m kinda in the middle of science class.

Ah HA! I’m in the library!

Haa ha, ha haa, ha!

Well, now. This is sorta interesting.

The Librarians of Hell are thinking of charging $.15 for every page that you print.

This is not my fault, even though I DO print out 15 pages of Dance Dance Revolution step charts per day.

Ahem, anyways, they are not gonna charge this fee unless the people in night school keep vandalizing the library.

*Grr, I say. GRR!*

That is all.


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