DJ Skittles' Dance Lesson!

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DJ Skittles’ Dance Lesson!
A RIA Adventure

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Let’s all learn to dance, the DJ Skittles way!
We learn the Skittles Shuffle in yet another RIAfunk classic!

Welcome to DJ Skittles’ Dance Lesson!

Once you have learned the steps, you’ll be a master at the Skittles Shuffle!

It’s easy.
Just listen to the song and follow along!

Let’s go!

Take me to the next step!

Step 1
First, start by warming up.
It’s easy.
Bring your arms down and straighten your legs..

In the words of the great Parappa: I gotta believe!

Step 2
Now bring your arms and your right leg up.
You’re doing great!

Imagine that you are a dandelion, dancing in the wind.
Let your mind leave your body, listen only to the music.

Become one with the Skittles Shuffle.

I can take it!

Step 3
Now bring your arms and your leg back down.

Get ready to repeat.. faster.

now back to the blog...

I’m getting dizzy!

Step 4
Repeat five times, faster each time.
Don’t worry.
After you get good at it, you will be going so fast that it will look as if you are warping space and time.

My legs! The pain, the pain!

Step 5
Now put your hands on your hips and move your right foot forward and your left foot back and then vice-versa.

Repeat this five times, faster each time.
Imagine that you are the Road Runner taking a relaxing jog through a forest.

That’s it.
It’s going to get a little harder now!

I acknowledge that RIAfunk is not responsible for any emotional damage brought onto myself or others by use of the Skittles Shuffle at a dance.

Step 6
Relax for a moment.
You’re going to be a dance king / queen in no time!

The next time you are at a dance, ask a girl to do the Skittles Shuffle with you!
No woman can resist someone who can do the Skittles Shuffle!

If you’re a girl, the next time you’re with that special someone at a dance, do the Skittles Shuffle with them.
With this dance you’ll be guaranteed at least forty balloons next Valentine’s Day!

The power is mine!

Step 7
Now bring your arms back up and channel all of your life energy into your hands.

Imagine yourself as being able to topple an entire building with just one lamester-slap.

You are a planeteer..

now back to the blog...

Woo! I am a true Funk Master! Yeah!

Step 8
Release your energy, young one!

Try to elevate yourself from the ground with just your hands alone!
DJ Skittles did it, Tom the Island Dude did it, you can too!

Move those hands, baby!

I am enlightened.

Step 9
Now bring your arms back up and relax again.
Get ready to pose.
You’ve been doing a great job!

People will build shrines and worship your god-like dance powers.
Countries will fall. Buildings will topple.

Your dance will funkify the world.

DJ Skittles will be proud.

Step 10
Put your left hand behind your head and put your right foot in your right hand.

You’re almost done! Good job!

Get ready..


Step 11
Bring your left arm to your right knee.. and pose!


You have just performed the Skittles Shuffle!

How do you feel? Great?

You know, it’s been scientifically proven that you will lose two pounds each time you perform the Skittles Shuffle. Well, maybe not.

Now go strut your stuff on the dance floor!


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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