Yo. G-Funk dawg.

A stylized photo, taken close to street level, showing streaks of light, representing car head lights, along a long and winding city road, and a dark and clear nighttime sky.

DJ Hadoken has this to say:

The class trip is on Friday.

I went to Driver’s Ed tonight; DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon was not there. I was stuck outside, bored out of my mind, and freezing, in the bitter, bitter, Miami cold.

In other news, I have written a song called “Lame, You DJ Benvenuto”.

That is all.

Oh yes, I have a ton of pics to upload, so expect to see them soon. Our Group and Poss are growing practically every other day. I might put a list of members up tomorrow. Hopefully.

Then, we’ll be back to Ghetto Talkin’.

Yo. G-Funk dawg.


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