You Craving My Lyrics

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You Craving My Lyrics
Song Lyrics

Written by Kewl Kat
(a.k.a. Southern Cowboy)

I explode faster than TNT
Every time I come to mic, it's an explosion
It's lyrical exposition
My lyrics flow like an essay
Well constructed and structured
Yeah what can I say?
Public School does pay

I rock my rhyme
Like dope kids rocked their w###
I'm lyrical sin
It's crave that your brain desire
And you know you can't deny it
When you here me explode
It's like lyrical devotion

You don't want admit it
But you can't wait for next track
To make your ears go boom

I don't use big words
Because I'm not educated
I just read Thesaurus
And that's how I get my dope rhymes
With my dope lyrics

And before I leave you
I leave you with this though
If you can't stop me from dropping sick-ass rhyme
How can you stop your daughter from sleeping with me?

So yeah, let me go before I get in trouble as I finish this rhyme
let me leave you with peace of mind

Until you hear me drop my next sick rhyme
keep your mind on eating Japanese food and p####


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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