Toast to the Human Race (D.A.N. Theme Song)

An orange sun just above the ocean's horizon, shines through the center of a tree's canopy, as everything else is shrouded in darkness.

Toast to the Human Race
The Official Theme Song of
Song Lyrics

Written by Zath
Edited by DJ Hadoken 7

Terrorizin' Neanderthals, see, they don’t die
They just retaliate with hate and then they multiply
And in the end we kiss the open sores and then we all die
And people eat coprolites, smoke brick, and then wonder why... (ha!)

Destroy a Neanderthal, they destroy us back
It’s the human code of law, sigh...
In the end, if they the one left standin', what they do?
Stone-tipped spear to they own eye
Cause they don’t wanna be lonely either
So then why you destroyin’?
Cause then you’ll eventually be, so go figure— (hmm)

And when aliens land, they’ll be askin' “Who is your planet’s leadah?”
When they’re told there’s more than one, they’ll be laughin' like bloody hyenas
And so they’ll say: “A species divided among itself? That’s crazy!
Can’t you set your grudges aside and work together?”
“But we lazy.”... (that's coprolite alright)

If other species stick together, then why can’t we?
I guess the bigger the mind, the more problems there’d be... (it’s sad)
And all the knuckle draggers, cavemen, and troglodytes that we call Neanderthals
We’re just like them, just to let you know... (haha, yeah!)

Cause we all capable of horrible things
Cause we ate from the tree of know-ledge...
Of good and evil, oh, so now we know
How to behave like good little children, but we don’t

And yeah, I guess some Simians tried to save you and me
But we made them die. Even made them cry! But now they free
And it’s all because of what we want
If you wanna show off, your elated ego’s the only thing you can flaunt

And one time I looked at the night sky, and told myself
Make this Earth a paradise, until you deplete your health
But I’m quittin' already, I’m in the rocket ship wavin' goodbye
Now I’m floatin’ through space, waitin’ till my body destroys itself...
I’m free!

And we’ll be extinct even before our time comes
On the last day I’ll be waitin'
Sun comes
For the first and the last time, before I turn black the lung
For the first and the last time, before I turn black the lung


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