Save Da 'Net

A photo of a pair of hands working among some old networking equipment and monitoring devices.

Save Da 'Net
Song Lyrics

Written by Zath

This subject is very important to me
You know
And I'm sure it's important to you too
Check it!

I've invented da space elevator
Now da equator's full of haters

Yo, what da fsck?
I ran out of luck
I got stuck in da ruckus
And now congress is tryin' to fsck us
With da same old fluff

I'm all for liberty
But ya'll have to see
Da true face of reality

Da corporations try to handle me

Step two

I'm slowly
Regainin' my composure
And I'm da composer and I'm comin' closer

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
What's everyone yellin' out?
What's everyone yellin' out?
It's net neutrality, net neutrality, net neutrality

Lamester, I'm serious

These corporations are delirious
We need Oprah savin' us
Save us, dude!
Save us, save us!
You can't?

Then summon Chuck Norris
Eat half da world's rainforest

Ask Boris for a florist and I'll be goin' out with Deloris
'Cause I won't be on da 'net
You better bet that I'm set
To regret my buyin' that corset
You stupid shet, I'll bleed to death
Before I give up da 'net to those home-wrecks and da chumlettes

I'll call Bobba Fett and he'll get those jets filled with ammonium hyperventilatin'
Monster's pets


I'll blow up your bumhole with my tow'missle

You're pendin' for an immediate dismissal
You stupid dismal, alien pisto'
Send you back, make you histo'
I'll kidnap yo' sisto'
Tell on you to Misto'
Shut down Cisco

Save us, Mr. Dangerous
Don't cuss
You're a social connoisseur
So get them in da rear
With your words of appeal

Please don't steal quotes from da easily offended
'cause they gonna set da bomb
Please be alarmed

I'm comin' unarmed, with only leg and arm
I'm goin' to da farm
Where white collars graze without bein' harmed

But not for long
A punch to da gong and I'm gone

And I'm endin' this song
I'm endin' this song

So save us, save us, please Tom Clancy
Don't be fancy, they're all just pansies

So save us, Nancy, save us please!
I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees!


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Reviewed by DJ Hadoken Exlamparaaghis:
Oh man, time to start a rap battle.. Where is Kewl Kat?


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