Climbing Arc Update

A stylized image of Dr. Philius Lightborg with the planet Mars in the background and a caption at the bottom that reads "You forgot to mention the Martian scientist Dr. Philius Lightborg", from the RIAfunk original sci-fi, "Climbing Arc".

DJ Hadoken Exlamparaaghis has this to say:

Intaktu malpranakma.

This is just a quick update to let you know what's been going on with Climbing Arc. I've actually been working on it quite often lately, and I would say that the editing is more than halfway done now. I've been refining the intro sequence lately and it should be done within the next few weeks.

As for the movie in its entirety, I think it's safe to say that Climbing Arc won't be done any time before October. But by then it should be complete, if not, nearly complete. Because of school projects and because I will be heading out to Japan again this summer, I won't be seeing much free time until sometime in August before classes start again.

If anyone wants to be done with it, it's me. I will be graduating soon and am thinking of just using it as a portfolio piece, considering how much time it's taken up. There are also other RIA projects I would like to start, but that's all on hold now because Climbing Arc is the priority.

I've received good feedback from the people I've shown parts of it to so far. So I'm eager to finish this one. It will definitely be RIAfunk worthy.

Inkala dunbakta.


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