Put your hands together

A monochrome close-up image of a calendar clock.

DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon II (With the Funny Hat) has this to say:

It’s the end of the month so that means it’s time for the Bear-Hug of the Month.

I would like everyone to put their hands together and welcome the first Bear-Hug of the New Year.

Bear-Hug of the Month
January 2006
That dog doesn’t look very pleased at all.
But then again, if the dog was enjoying it,
it would be voluntary and wouldn’t be a Bear-Hug.

Thanks to Kewl Kat for the picture.

Remember to send in pictures if you have any for future months.

We are still working on NARC but filming is very near completion. We’ll also have a mini making-of coming out prior to NARC about a little accident I had on set.

Stay tuned.


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