Kat to the Hop and Hip!

An indoor photo taken of a dancer wearing a hat, suspended in the air above a hardwood floor, in a pose that suggests that they were either falling down or break dancing.

Kat to the Hop and Hip!
Song Lyrics

Written by Kewl Kat
(a.k.a. Southern Cowboy)

Kat to the Hop and Hip!

You flamingo with the master
You get dastardly deeded
It's simple
Ain't complicated calculus equation
It's Bam-Bam-Bam
Four caps you are in floor dastardly deeded

I told you motherhugger
Not to mess with KAT

I'm Hardcore like Hardcore Rapper
Yeah I have street rep
I grew up on dat Pork and Beans Project
I ran with crews at Jackson and Edison

Yeah I'm the motherhugger
That would flamingo your daughter
And put her sale in the lamester auction

Don't flamingo with me
Cuz I carry switchblade and Uzi
I'm not scared to use them

Yeah I run the streets
Haven't you heard?
I'm the hottest thing since cotton candy came into the market
I sell faster than cuban sandwich at the local high school

Yeah your daughters after one with me
They claim for more
I'm more expensive than Louis Vuitton
And more tasty than caviar

Yeah, b*tch I have dollar and diamond signs in eyes
But so what?

But before I leave b*tches
I let you know
I'm back in the Hood
I be running transactions
So don't flamingo with me
If you don't want see your head
For sale in the meat market

And as I leave, I leave you with message
Keep your mind in getting drunk and
Running the streets.

Top Reviews

Reviewed by Zath:
Man, I didn't know they had lamester auctions.

Kayne West better watch out.


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