Dis to all Poser and Fakers

A man in a suit checking the credentials of a tattooed man who looks nervous.

Dis to all Poser and Fakers
Song Lyrics

Written by Kewl Kat
(a.k.a. Southern Cowboy)


This for all the hataz!!
You ain’t nothing but wankstas!!

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about
All the soft ass Mazinger who claiming
Street rep, I show you how tough guy does it.

I heard you walk down the street you weren’t feared.
Even your mother made fun of you.
Your street rep is zero, you know why?
Cuz you are faker

I can claim street rep and back it up with credentials.
When I walk down Compton, the lamesters feared me.
Cuz they know they flamingo with me, they end up with cap in their ass.

I don’t play games, I’m realist.
You want check my street rep? Go ahead.
Just check the clip of my Uzi and you see how many rounds are left.

You are soft that you are ass became property of the kids in school.

When you tried act tough, flamingo somebody up.
The boys in the reform school, bear-hug you once more.
Then laugh you are ass out of reform school.
You aren’t realist, you are poser without an street rep.

I show you street rep.

I run the MIA streets like it was nothing
I got b*tches in Opa-Locka and Gables.
I got connections everywhere.

You flamingo with me, you will get Mazinger up.
Cuz I don’t play Dracula’s babies games.
I’m str8 out of Jackson High and Overtown.
I can claim street rep.

Faker, pose show me your credentials.
Oh, I forgot you don’t got none.
Why? Cuz you are wanksta?

You are carried toy gun and toy knife.
Because your mommy won’t let you buy real thing.
You don’t tattoo symbol of your crew.
Because your mommy doesn’t like tattoos.

You don’t drop your car and get loud amplifiers.
Because mommy oppose does kind of things.

I can give you more reasons, but I wouldn’t waste
My pen on your soft ass.

I’m gangsta and I can prove it.
I can show you my clips of my Uzi
And my tattoos and wad of cash.
Cuz I’m playa and pimp and everything combined.

Until you can prove your street rep
I got one thing for ya:
Shut the flamingo up and go cry to Mommy!

Cuz Mommy is only one that will save you in the street.
Cuz I won’t.
I will gladly dastardly deed your ass.

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2k5 2 4ever!!

KAT putting down!

Top Reviews

Reviewed by DJ Hadoken Exlamparaaghis:
Damn, I’d hate to be that wanksta.

Reviewed by DJ Benvenuto the Raccoon II (With the Funny Hat):
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he’s a lyrical genius.


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