Grunge Fantasia

A photo of a woman’s lips close to a man’s ear.

Grunge Fantasia
Original Young Adult Fiction

Written by BlindPanzer

The night had just begun and the city’s forgotten population came out to celebrate it.

She walked these streets every night. Her only goal was not to find a home, but to find peace of mind.

She blamed herself for the sins her father committed to her body, and her innocence. Living in the streets had not mended her sores. And she had no plans to return to her parents. Life was not easy in the streets. And she hated the idea of being part of the waste society created.

As she treaded her previous night’s steps, she saw a man walking in her opposite direction. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Most lost souls came out at night. She felt punished enough with her own demons to care about anybody else in the city.

She looked up at the passing man and was met with two eyes fixed on her own. She immediately recognized something in his eyes. He had endured the same impurities she had during her childhood.

As they met eyes, she felt immediately drawn to him and could sense he felt the same. They did not speak, as they both knew that words would not heal their pains. Instead, they both just walked next to each other, glancing at the filth of the city.

The night had just begun. And two of its loneliest citizens were going to celebrate it.

As they walked through the ashes of the street, they held each other’s hands, and burdens. The streets glittered in the darkness. And the trash created a meticulous pattern. Creating a garden even in such a dreary setting.

She felt like she could get by in life as if she was not dead inside. For her, all the problems did not cease, but they at least seemed to subside.

She was so compelled about having less to carry on her shoulders that she gave him a kiss. They held each other closely, releasing all the pain that had built up over the years. They were both overly cautious. For even then, their childhood demons were still spectators.

Later, she laid right next to him as they both looked at the sky. The smog-filled heaven provided the clouds with tints not usually seen.

She tried to treasure the moment as much as possible. Yet the impurity of the act she had just performed plagued her mind. For the first time, she was willingly vulnerable with another person.

In a city full of hatred, she had searched for refuge everywhere with no avail. She now had realized that refuge was not the answer, but rather acceptance. She would always be a child of debauchery, and an orphan of the night. Except this time there was only one difference. This time it seemed bearable.

She felt as if she had enough strength to go about her life. No longer a victim of the dirty deeds.

They both stood up to walk their final steps together. She knew that she would never see him again after this night.

She caught a glimpse of something she had not seen in him yet, a grin. It was very subtle. But she felt thankful enough to have caused a change in him, as much as he had helped her.

She looked in his hurtful eyes and said the only thing in her mind.

“Thank you.”

With that, they each started walking opposite directions.

Among the filthy, corrupted, putrid creations of society, they had created something special.

Two figures walking in contradictory directions among the ashes.

But for the rest of their lives they would be together.

The night was just finishing.

But for two people in the city, life had just begun.


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