New server and site URL

A photo of a striped zebra looking at the camera, with another zebra and a green field in the background.

DJ Hadoken has this to say:

If you are visiting this site today using the previous URL, I’m finally happy to point out that you have been redirected to our new server and address:

Of course, I’m not done transferring the entire site yet, so the visitor counter will be down for a few days as may be some links. This site, over the years, has gathered many many files and has created an intricate web across the span of geocities (and other free web hosts). So it takes a bit of tedious, mindless, busy work, that I can only stand so much of in one night.

If you are really eager to look at our stuff, which I know you are, you can head over to our alternate mirror URL and check it out.

Current mood:

Baffled at the site of the zebras dancing on my face.

Can you see my expression of baffled-ness?

No, because the zebras are on my face.


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