About “Nkunia, Gajo o Rama” (1995)

A stylized image, resembling black ink on rough paper, that depicts a man, surrounded by smoke, squatting on the ground and looking upwards, with his elbows on his knees as he raises his forearms and hands.
This image is an A.I. generated interpretation of José Bedia’s original artwork.

About “Nkunia, Gajo o Rama”
Contemporary Art

Written by DJ Hadoken

“Nkunia, Gajo o Rama” was created by José Bedia in 1995. It was exhibited in the Lowe Museum of Art at the University of Miami. I viewed it on display in February of 2004.

It was created using mixed media. The materials used were acrylic, tempera, charcoal and collage on paper.

The title means, “twig, cutting or branch”. The size of the work is 50 x 38”. It depicts the image of a man with an exaggerated upper body squatting on the ground. It is a frontal view of the man presented as a silhouette with his head turned to the side and looking up in profile.

Underneath the man is a photograph of a real man kneeling down with a walking stick. It is not stated in the description as to who the man in the photograph may be.

Both the man and the photograph are on top of a layer of ground. “*NKUNIA*” is written in large letters on the ground.

There appears to be smoke rising from the photograph up through the silhouette’s body and out its mouth.

The work uses many shades of black and grey. The ground, however, is a light mixture of brown and black. There are many places on the work where the black seems to be running off the silhouette and into the ground.


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