DJ Hadoken's Perspective: Confucianism

A photo of two shiny red-colored baoding meditation balls, each with a design that features yin-yang symbols.

DJ Hadoken’s Perspective:
Theories of Human Nature

Written by DJ Hadoken

I find Confucianism more interesting than the other theories of human nature I have studied. It seems like a purer belief. It does not seem tainted by selfish, individualistic ideals.

In Confucianism, there is no central god, so it completely eliminates the need to debate and discuss what a universal god would desire of us and allows people to seek grace without being.

It also shows that without the existence of a god, there can still exist peace. Those who practice this belief can become morally strong and admirable people.

Comparing Confucianism to any of the other theories I have studied, I believe that Confucianism is the least cutthroat of them all.

Immanuel Kant, Sigmund Freud, and even Karl Marx show that the individual is one of the most important aspects of life, and that society is a second aspect to the makeup up the individual. Confucianism is unique in its view that, how you affect other people’s lives determines whether you become a sage.

The idea of maintaining a set of morals to the point where perfection becomes natural appeals to me. Even where there is disagreement within Confucianism, such as in the case of Hsun-tzu and Mencius, we can see how universal the theory is, because both agreed that perfection is achieved through becoming like a sage.

I also see Confucianism as a potential form of Atheism. With a few adjustments, Atheism could change from a denial of the existence of higher beings to a modification of Confucianism, where the individual simply strives to achieve moral perfection before death.


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