Re-Verse Challenge!

Cosplay of characters from the anime "Re-Verse".

DJ Wang has this to say:

Since I don’t know how to work the new fangled device that controls The Funk I’ll express my idea here.


Write a short story about what YOU think Re-Verse is about. Make it like a page or something. More if you want. Doesn’t matter. Just write something. Try to make it convincing because you never know when they will have another NerdCon.

Send submissions to us and put your name for credit!

Top Comments

DJ Hadoken responds with this:
I’m adding something to DJ Wang’s challenge.

What else does a great anime have?

Fan art!

We need Re-Verse fan art!

Draw your favorite character! Futomara! Masu Gakite!
Or whoever else YOU think is in Re-Verse.

Remember, like DJ Wang put it, make it convincing!

Treize Khushrenada responds with this:
Re-Verse shoulda won! Everyone else had to use an anime....
You MADE an anime. GO RE-VERSE!

BurpingCat responds back:
Man, that’s true... I never thought about it that way.

The Minstrel responds with this:
Re-Verse should have won. They rocked my world.
Well, not really. All that nerd booty rocked my world. Especially the cosplayers that were there. My hands were shoved in my pockets the whole time working furiously hard and I was relieved nobody could see me when them lights went out for that anime music video thing.


=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=




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