A Trip on the Ship from Hell: 2

A dank and dilapidated storage room.

A Trip on the Ship from Hell
Original Young Adult Horror Fiction

Written by Kewl Kat
(a.k.a. Southern Cowboy)

Chapter 2

A few minutes later, their pre-meal courses were brought to their table.

A couple of minutes after that, their orders for dinner were taken and soon dinner was served.

After dinner was over, Lucy addressed her mom and said, “Mom. Mary and me are going back to our room.”

“Okay, I see you later,” her mom responded.

Mary and Lucy left fast. And their brothers were about to leave but they were stopped by their mom.

“Where you guys going?”

“To the game room,” Tom explained.

“Be back before midnight,” their mother warned them

“Okay,” James assured her, and they left.

Back in Cabin 441, Lucy was laying on her bed when something threw water on her face and on her clothes.

Lucy was furious. She got out of her bunk and turned to her sister who was laying in the top bunk. She confronted her, “Why you throw water at me you little whore?”

“What you call me? And I didn’t throw water at you!” Mary proclaimed.

“Little whore!” Lucy responded.

“Take that back!” Mary demanded.

“I won’t take it back!” Lucy shouted at Mary.

Mary was furious. She jumped from her bunk and grabbed Lucy by her dress. She threw her on the floor and started pummeling the daylights out of her.

Lucy fought back and started beating her sister.

They were still fighting when their parents walked in.

“Stop this! Right now!” their mother demanded

But they wouldn’t listen. They continue to beat the crap out of each other until their father intervened.

He restrained Mary while Lucy was restrained by their mother.

“I’m sick and tired of you two fighting! You fight at home and now here in the cruise!” their mother said.

“But I got a solution. I’m sending both of you to the kids timeout area,” her mother explained, as she picked up the phone. She called for somebody to escort them down to the timeout area.

“Please, mom, I’m 16. I wont fight anymore. Please don’t send me!” Mary begged.

“Please, I’m 15. I can’t be in timeout at this age!” Lucy begged.

A few minutes later two crewmen showed up in their cabin.

Their mom told the crewmen to take them away and not let them come back until she said so.

“Young ladies, please follow us,” the crewmen said.

“We aren’t going anywhere. We staying!” Mary shouted.

“It will be your best idea to follow us,” one of the crewmen told them.

“You heard my sister. We aren’t going nowhere,” Lucy told them.

One of the crewmen turned around to Lucy and Mary’s mom and said, “Sorry ma’am.”

The two crewmen quickly tackled Lucy and Mary. They told them to stand up and follow them. Unless they wanted to be dragged.

They stood up and the crewmen took them away.

Lucy and Mary were crying and begging as they were lead away from their cabin. They arrived at the timeout area and they were showed to a room.

The crewmen told them that the door would remain open if they need anything.

They just sat on their beds staring in disbelief about what happen. The sisters had bruises on their bodies. Each one of them had a black eye.

They were laying on their beds when mysteriously their door closed by itself.

Mary and Lucy got up from their beds and try to open the door but they couldn’t open it.

Lucy started to scream. But she realized that nobody would hear it.

She just lay back in her bed. Her sister was already asleep.

A few minutes later she was asleep also.


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