New features on The Board

A monochrome image of a wooden board with graffiti art of a speech bubble that says, "1,2,3... Let’s go!"

DJ Hadoken has this to say:

So I set The Funk back to normal.

If you missed the special Great Exile tribute, CLICK THIS LINK.

New features on The Board. You can post images and links now with titles.


In case people have been wondering what I’ve been doing, well, really I’m just excited about going to Tokyo on Tuesday. It’s cool that I’ll be leaving here, but I won’t be quite leaving Japan yet. Baby-sat my little host brother and two of his friends today.

I really really need to do something about this site when I get back, eh? Poor site needs a kick in the bum. Just a love tap, of course. Maybe a tad bit of a redesign or something.

The other sections of this site need to be made more appealing. Especially The Band, since the whole core of this site is technically our songs, but how many people who post on The Board now can honestly say they’ve heard at least 5 RIA songs? Heh. Though, I may be wrong. Prove me wrong.

Prove me wrong while I sleep.


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